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The VEMS Mystro Viewing Portal is a single, organization-wide destination for enterprise video based on VBrick’s unparalleled experience in video streaming management and use. Its familiar interface makes it intuitive to search, manage and distribute both live and stored content – even access and manage content from popular smartphones and tablets as well as collaboration applications like Lync and SharePoint.

End users simply need a web browser to log on from any device– PCs, Macs, iPhones/iPads, Android devices, almost anything–and start streaming! The customization built into VEMS Mystro is so seamless that most end users won’t even even know they’re using a special tool. They’ll simply see what they expect to see – web pages that look and feel like the rest of their organization, with video content organized in categories that match their work environment. VEMS Mystro has the power to look like an enterprise portal for a business, an education portal for a school, a healthcare portal for an insurance company or a government portal for a public agency.

Beyond it’s good looks, VEMS Mystro lets users view, publish, record and search live and on-demand video content in all popular formats with ease. Content is logically organized using multi-level categories along with the ability to quickly search on name, descriptions, metadata and more. Of course, access permissions are easily defined to be sure each user only sees appropriate content. With the VEMS SharePoint Module, users can get the same powerful search tools and management – right from SharePoint.

Personalization is easy with the “My Videos” page, showing recorded and published content, recently viewed videos, and favorites. Users can also record live events on the fly–just press ‘record’, and the Network Video Recorder will do the rest. Community tools such as commenting and voting enhance the interactive experience.

Whether you are a college student reviewing coursework on an iPad, a technician watching training on a PC, or a field sales person watching a worldwide sales meeting in a Starbucks on an Andriod phone, VEMS makes it easy to logon, find what you want and watch.

  • Search for live and stored content, playback, and upload new videos
  • Use any popular device, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, televisions and digital signage
  • Access live and on-demand assets created or stored on premise or in the cloud

Administrators have full, centralized control over all access, security and management issues; VEMS Mystro helps administrators manage the entire VBrick ecosystem. VBrick’s rich Content Management tools let administrators determine who can upload content, who must approve it, what categories the content can appear in, and other factors. Content permissions can be set at group, user, even at the asset level. VEMS Mystro integrates seamlessly with LDAP and Active Directory, to simplify administration. Single Sign-On makes using VEMS Mystro hassle-free for everyone in your organization. And, you don’t need to worry about future technology–as new platforms are adopted, VBrick VEMS Mystro continues to adjust to your new needs.

Administrators can log-in from any web browser to:

  • Check on the status/health of the system
  • Manage access and permissions
  • Create incredibly granular reports on system and user activities
  • Use Content Approval Workflow to oversee content, related metadata and available categories, while giving users the freedom they want
  • Stay in control by setting limitations as needed, such as the number of concurrent viewers, expiration date, maximum length of recorded content and much more
  • Customize the user experience using VBrick’s widget-based environment — easily create categories to manage content; add colors/branding to reflect your organization’s look and feel.



The VEMS Mystro Viewing Portal is a single, organization-wide destination for enterprise video based on VBrick's unparalleled experience in video streaming management and use.

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